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Reston Community Center's Terry L. Smith Aquatics Center is currently under renovation. The pool is closed as of January 2, 2019 and anticipated to reopen in January 2020. When it is finished, we will have two pools to better serve our patrons of all ages.

Current Construction Update Information

Getting and Using Your RCC "Construction Pass"

RCC'S Aquatics Partners

What About My Current Pass?

Future Pricing of RCC Aquatics Programs, Services



As Reston Community Center approaches the renovation of the Terry L. Smith Aquatics Center, we are preparing on a variety of fronts. Chief among our concerns is finding alternatives for our current swimmers to use during the lengthy period of construction. We are extremely grateful to our community and aquatics partners – Fairfax County YMCA-Reston, Herndon Community Center and Reston Association – for stepping up to welcome RCC patrons with special pricing options for the construction period. Here is important information for how you can continue your swimming routines during the timeframe of RCC’s construction project.

RCC will issue aquatics patrons a no-monetary-value “Construction Pass” that identifies each RCC patron with name and address. In addition, because our partners each have different policies regarding access, pricing and related issues with respect to age, the RCC “Construction Pass” will have each pass holder’s age on the pass.

Patrons are assured that no date of birth information will be included, but the age number will be in an identified place for the reference of the Customer Service staff at whatever facility you use.

Construction pass_1



RCC “Construction Passes” will be available at RCC Customer Service Desks beginning on October 1, 2018.

Complete a standard “RCC Class/Trip/Camp/Volunteer/Pass Registration Form” – including the ages – for every household member who may want a “Construction Pass.” You should do this at either of the RCC Hunters Woods or RCC Lake Anne main customer service desks. Please go to the main desks – the Aquatics Service Desk will not have the Construction Passes available for sale there so that they may process entry for RCC swimmers efficiently.

There is no financial value assigned to this pass. Fee Waiver participants will need to investigate partner organization options for reduced fees on your own.

Keep your pass with you in a safe place (wallet, card holder, athletic bag, etc.) so you will have it when you visit a partner facility.

Make payment at the partner facility for the type of use you are purchasing.


RCC "Construction Pass"

Our Partner options are for access to their facilities and use of their pools/fitness spaces ONLY.

Fairfax County YMCA/Reston
Monthly Memberships & Daily Visits
(access to pool, fitness spaces and related equipment and amenities during open use periods)

Herndon Community Center
Daily Visits Only
(admission to the pool, showers, lockers, sauna, and hot tub as well as for open gym times and use of the fitness room)

Reston Association
Membership Options & Daily Visits
(admission to 15 aquatic facilities and 52 tennis courts during 2019 outdoor season)

Single Adult Monthly Membership:

Adult (18-64) Daily Visit:

RA Members:
Regular 2019 Fees Apply for All Ages

Two-Adult Family:

Senior (65+):

Non-RA Members:
10% off 2019 Pass Packages for Families or Individuals

One-Adult Family:

Youth (2-17):

Daily Admission:
$10 Per Visit/Per Person

Senior (65+):

Family (up to 2 Adults, up to 5 total members):

Senior Couple (65+):


Drop-in Fee (Daily):
$10 Per Day/Per Person



You can find out about the facility and programming features offered by our partners by visiting them or learning about them online.


Fairfax County YMCA/Reston



Herndon Community Center


Reston assoc

Reston Association


As with all websites and organizational approaches to serving particular audiences, it will take some time to become familiar with locating the areas of interest to you. Our partners all offer very high-quality leisure experiences, and we are glad to help our patrons get to know them better. You may also wish to pursue the offerings available in Fairfax County Park Authority facilities. As most of our patrons are County residents, those amenities are already available to you at standard Fairfax County rates. Fairfax County Park Authority: www.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks



  • Current RCC two-month and 20-visit passes will be issued until October 31, 2018.
  • Applicable restrictions will continue to apply (limit to purchases, age requirements, etc.) with the sole exception of the expiration date.
  • All current RCC pool user 20-visit passes will have their expiration dates extended by a period of one year, and new purchases will have an expiration timeframe of three years instead of two years due to the anticipated construction period length.


We don’t know yet what our pricing for daily visits, passes and programming will be when we are able to reopen. The pricing will be determined by several factors. Chief among those will be our continuing pledge to provide Reston patrons (those who live or work in Reston) with pricing that considers the added funding provided by Small District 5 dedicated tax revenue to support Reston Community Center.

We will also provide opportunities to engage with us regarding RCC’s new programs and services as we make progress in our project. We urge you to stay in touch with us and keep tabs on our progress via our website or social media channels.

We know that you are going to miss us, and we hope you will enjoy getting to know other fine facilities in our area. Everyone here looks forward to welcoming you back to RCC when our big project is finished. Again, we are extremely grateful to our aquatic colleagues for their support during this experience.

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